Monday, 23 February 2015

Monday, 2 February 2015

A school of Fish

A school of Fish . . . going to "school" LOL
(Finding Nemo)

Mandarin Oranges / Kum / Lokam / 芦柑 88 sen

Promoter shoved a box to me, ask me not to miss this deal. LOL
Promoter 塞一盒给我, 说“ 不买白不买” 哈哈哈
88 sen for a box of Mandarin Oranges / Kum / Lokam - Today 30Jan2015 only.
88 仙 一盒的芦柑 - 今天nia 30Jan2015
Purchase with Purchase of Rm 100 to enjoy this offer.
at Aeon Big

刚点算了一下, 18粒, 15粒外皮还不错
3粒 外皮不美, 拨皮一看,还完好。
终结, 18粒可以随便吃。